20/August- 10/September/2005 

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international accredited Certificate for Architectural Design



Summer Design School Graz

University of Applied Science Joanneum Graz, Austria


Summer Design School at the University of Applied Science Joanneum Graz provides a dynamic environment for architecture_ and building Construction students, design professionals and scholars from around the world to address emerging issues affecting for Architectural Design, learn computer aided design, and professional English language.

Drawing upon the unparalleled resources of University of Applied Science Joanneum Graz, our programs are led by renowned faculty and the IAMCC Institute in Vienna, as well as eminent practitioners and scholars from across the country.


Open Enrolment 2005 summer school for Architectural Design


20/August/2005 - 10/September/2005      (21 Days)

Units: 84

Language: English





This three-week seminar is a micro view of the original University of Applied Science Joanneum Graz macro course Architectural Design: An Integrated Method of Construction and Design Delivery. It focuses on design-led projects, and bringing together the knowledge and experience of engineers and Architects in a form designed to help participants gain a better understanding of this integrated method of project delivery.


Participants in this seminar examine project delivery in the design and construction fields. The Architectural design course combines the roles of the architect/engineer and the constructor. It carefully evaluates the Architectural design process, from the initial negotiation phase through project completion, from the point of view of architects, engineers, and constructor.


Three weeks Architectural Design

20/August/2005 - 10/September/2005      (3 Weeks)

Units: 84

Language: English



 Tuition fee for 3 Weeks,  accommodation and international accredited Certificate:  1800,-


First Week: ABD

Architecture Basic Design (experimental & analytical planning)

This one-week course explores fundamental principles and elements of design: form, space, composition, systems, context, imagery, functional and structural organizations. Solutions to architectonic design projects explored through presentation drawings and study models. Simple presentation graphics and model-building techniques are introduced.


second Week: AE1

Architecture Experience 1 (Integrated Method of Planning)

This course integrates planning method in Architecture Experience emphasizing the exploration and development of architectural design concepts and their translation into physical form. Practical application of knowledge through individual and group exercises, presentation graphics and model-building techniques are introduced.


Third Week: AE2

Architecture Experience 2 (Interdisciplinary Method of Construction and Design)

This part is a course to furnish the student with interdisciplinary skills in the Architectural Planning, A survey of development, use, and application of building materials; Overview of professional and technical Experience in architecture, construction management, related consulting engineering professions and building construction professions. Professional presentation graphics and model-building techniques are introduced.


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Dr. M.Reza Helforoush


Tel.: +43 316/5453-8200

Mobile: +43 6991-9239190
Fax: +43 316/5453-8201

University of applied science Joanneum Graz, Architecture and building management, Alte Poststrasse 149, 8020 Graz, Austria



To register please send the following  registration form and a copy of payment to our Fax or E-mail address:




Enrolment for Iranian participants(pdf)

        Urban Study Research, Andisheh Iranshahr, Dr.Haeri, Mohammad-Reza, No. 53/1, Andisheh 1, sohrwardi Ave.Tehran, 

T: 8443005 F:8405122

Dr. Haeri has a special offer for Iranian participants, the participants don't need to pay the organization Fee about 200 in Tehran, all incl. sum/Person without ticketing will be 1750 www.iranculturestudies.com 

The number of participants is limited to 30 persons.


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