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IAMCC Communication

The Objectives of IAMCC


The IAMCC group  is the leading centre in the area of Real & virtual communication.


Real & virtual communication represent key-technologies for the development of information processing. In its function as a link between human and human,human and cities, human and machine, the IAMCC primarily focuses on technology transfer between universities, Research centres  and  companies to obtain advantages in international competition.


The main task of IAMCC is to strengthen innovation power and competition ability of enterprises using virtual applications for communication and virtual reality and visualization techniques by: 

-increasing the innovative potential of small and medium enterprises by using VR and Vis technologies. 

-forming a competence basis for virtual reality and visualization

providing a long-term basis for projects of university and research institutes  training urgently needed researchers and technicians and by improving their knowledge  increasing the strategic research in the public

 -assisting  enterprises in the use of com, VR and Vis.

The IAMCC operative Program:

1-   IAMCC Academy

-    Interactions with the virtual         environment

-    Interactive Visualization

collaborations between users, content definition for virtual environments

the previous subprograms by IAMCC Academy: 

a-  Digital Dialog 01

between students at Vienna University of Technology and shahid Beheshti University in Iran in year 2001.

b-   Real Garden Digital Garden

between students at Vienna University of Technology and  Azad University Tehran in Iran in year 2002.

c-   Partner for national & international communications :

. Virtual Universities in Internet

. Virtual cities for tourists 

. Virtual  conferencing, 

2-   Virtual Reality

-        Virtual Reality for Point-Based    Rendering

Specific goals include fast and realistic rendering of plants and trees for outdoor visualization, rendering microscopy images with depth information, and efficient display of laser range data of entire cities.

-        Virtual Architecture

Goal: VR and Visualisation application  aims on the automatic image based modelling of existing scenes and on the organisation, simulation and visualisation of this data. Photo realistic 3D City Model.

-        Environmental flow Simulation Project

Environmental flow simulation is the study of how fluid, such as water, air or snow move in and around solid objects such as buildings in the cities or in the mountain terrain areas. We extend the development of the AVL SWIFT computational fluid dynamics tools which is based on Navier-Stokes differential equation for environmental flow applications.

Simulation of Wind Environment around High Rise Buildings: The effect of buildings on the air circulation in the cities have become particularly significant because of the increasing number of high-rise buildings. It can be difficult for engineers to predict precisely how wind will behave around a building in a windy area. With numerical simulation, designs can be replicated and studied under precise and varying wind conditions to give an accurate picture of how they will have be in reality.

-        Feature based Modelling from Image Sequences

This project deals with the feature based modelling of objects from oriented image sequences. We use previously extracted 2D features to generate a 3D model.

for more details contact:

Arch.DI.M.Reza Helforoush

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