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Sustainable Architecture in future

planed for 2002-2003

International Design Workshop and A joint project between:

  • Vienna University of Technology

Department of landscape architecture

  •  Partner University in Asian
           Deparment for architecture and urban planning


sustainable Architecture in future:

Because Of globalisation of Communication and the effects of modern techniques in Societies, it is expected that today’s architecture will have to account for new functions. The reactions of contemporary and even future architecture is a criterion for changes of every region. This transformation is the result obtain through cultural and social changes from one side, and  on  the other side takes shape by the effects of the new techniques. Naturally,  this point that how much each society has prepared itself should be examined. For  this  reason,  it  should be  analysed  that the architectural transformation  in each  region  have  followed  which  elements  and  where  their  borders are. Since  the  examination  of  regional  and  tribal  architecture, along  with  global architecture  is complicated, analysing  the architecture  theories  and  exchange of information should  be  done  from  some  special  points  of  view.  At  the  same  time,  the  out  comes  should  be  firm  as  a base  for  planning  the  contemporary  and  future architecture.

Sustainable Architecture in future will be an International Design Workshop and A joint project exploring new digital communities, the form and meaning of the activities that bind them as well as the spaces — both digital and real — in which they act out their social bonds. The intention is to define contemporary, community-forming activities which might radically reconstitute the qualities of collective spatial usages and to design space that respond to these new imperatives.

Course structure:

The course will be divided into 3 phases:

·       Make preparations,               2003 

·       Theory & Analysis                2003 

·       Design                                2003

Make preparations: 

Lecture, practices and Group discussion about the :

- Future Architecture, future Cities & Gardens

- Intercultural Projects,

- Digital Architecture, home page design, CAAD

Theory & Analysis:

Group discussion based upon assigned readings and individual analysis of Gardens and digital Architecture that are devoted to specific activities. The discussion is intended to present and examine the issues of place, space and digital collectives in order to frame a discourse for  the studio. The analysis will build on this discussion by examining  how historical Garden types both accommodated and influenced the behaviour of specific groups; the analysis is to be presented graphically.

(More Details in the first lecture)

Study trip: (option)

Tour builds us up. Since architecture comes to be understood when it is holistically experienced on site, tour is regarded as indispensable to architects. Le Corbusier, a master of Modern Architecture, was not an exception. In his age of 24, Corbusier launched out on a long voyage over half a year. We can easily understand, from his book 'Voyage to the Orient', how many things he had obtained from tours.

This study trip is a common enterprise with the students from the two universities.


An architectural and  urban  Design for the cities

Meeting & presentation:

Lecture/Discussion/Critique 3 Times during semester  Students are expected to speak their mind and express their opinions.

Four formal presentations:

Make preparations (1x),

Theory & Analysis (1x),

Design (2x).


Make preparations           20%

Theory & Analysis          20%

Design                             60%

The study Trip is not duties.


The verbal discussions and critiques in the lecture   will be in English. The Lecture and discussions  will be also in English and German. The virtual discussions will be in English. English texts will be assigned and students are expected to show understanding of these texts.


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