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Sustainability Approach
By: Dr. Reza Helforoush
, Nov.2006

“Good Architecture” has to fulfil many requirements – and a sensible approach towards energy, protecting resources and using materials is definitely one of them.

The scope of current presentation is concerned with planning, design, sustainability approach and Benefit; indeed, it is a summary of the focus of information currently to offer a more integrated approach, to address the issues and to suggest some solutions based on current good practice.

It aims to provide support for new integrated and dynamic thinking that can lead to development of sustainable Architecture and urban development in future. Of course it is also necessary to know the current state of our economy, environment and society, so that we can create a foundation from which to make improvements and monitor progress. Collecting data from a broad section of sustainability issues, over a period of time, will provide important information that will play significant roles in decision and policy making.

And according to the above decision and policies the development of amounting methods for sustainability to enable demonstration of it as an alternative way to normal operation is also a key element. Overall, there is a focus on how to produce a more sustainable future using good environmental and energy-efficient planning and design technique in pragmatic ways, and on solution that are also economically, socially and culturally strong.


The development of education in the future is an Important task. IAMCC Academy is  pioneer in this way. There are interdisciplinary discourses that need to be further developed, such as the issue of an International Academy that there is enormous potential in Communication. We should not however disregard the possibilities of what we can learn from each other.

There are a number of issues that are core, but the most important in Education, we should think in interdisciplinary terms; we have to think about the question of the space and dimension, about the Time, about the way of communication and human, about the organization and Technology. We should also understand the nature. We should think clearly about the future.  

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