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General Manager: Architect DI Dr. Reza Helforoush

IAMCC Consulting Engineering:

Provides rapid, economical and immediately applicable solutions. The global aligment of City Development, Retail and Entertainment facilities, creating Tourism areas have made international collaboration imperative. IAMCC Consuting offices in Europe ensures contact to the private owners, Local autorities, Consulting and Research centres

A- Tourism Destination Development & management

The development of tourism is a complex process, which includes a large number of stakeholders (e.g. public authorities, investors, operators, companies) and needs a specific know-how about the mechanisms in tourism.

B- Tourism Infrastructure Development & management

We have competency to develop tourism infrastructure facilities in the best possible way. The essence of every tourism destination is their tourism infrastructure facilities – from aqua parks to cable cars, golf courses, congress centers, theme parks, museums and other tourism attractions

C- Architecture & Urban Tourism Development & management

Comprehensive know-how about Architecture & Urban Tourism such as hotel development, Retail-Destination & Urban entertainment centers in focus of ethno capital market will be supported by IAMCC co. Eng.

D- Lectures & Seminars in Tourism Development & management

Benefit from IAMCC Co. Eng. And Partner-Universities in tourism development & Management

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